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GIS Magnetic Detector

Magnetic Detector

△Self-speed measurement function of fluxgate magnetic sensor, △DGPS and GIS location information inquiry function, which accurately detects the exact location of underground facilities by detecting magnetic markers attached to various pipes installed in the basement, and directly analyzes GIS MAP and various DBs embedded in magnetic detector to check properties of underground facilities in real time.

  • Detection device dedicated to magnetic markers, consisting of detector, tablet and DGPS receiver.

  • Improved exploration accuracy, maintainability and price competitiveness by adding high accuracy digital sensor.

  • Significant improvement of screen visibility by applying OLED display type tablet.

  • Enhanced convenience with Bluetooth wireless connection between tablet and detection.

  • Improved mobility by applying antenna type portable DGPS.

  • Improved S/W usability by applying Android OS based Tablet.

  • Electronic compass-based navigation function support to show direction of user's movement.

  • Built-in GPS or external DGPS selection and automatic selection reception function, pipe photographing and memo writing function, pipeline and magnetic marker property information inquiry function support.

  • Cross sectional shape display of pipe line, automatic alarm function to adjacent pipe.

  • Map date security (encryption algorithm) function support.

  • Voice guidance (TTS) function and multilingual function support for overseas export.

  • Exclusive use of magnetic array, consist of magnetic sensor part, power, UMPC part, DGPS receiver which has fortified of receiving GPS and gauge control.

  • By making sounds and displayed location to detect buried magnetic marker with ease.

  • By installing UMPC which has expanded date processing capacity, processing speed and display has been improved. And also, application of ESRI ARC GIS made its improvement of GIS SW function such as not only exploration of location but also coordinate transformation, lot numbering function, and automated checking markers.

  • By installing DGPS, it is possible to show Cm-class of survey result and various kind of profiling by models and also wireless communication with UMPC is possible due to blue tooth function.

  • Accurately shows diameter, depth, and size of the underground facilities to acquire attribute data on-site.

  • Added more Fluxgate sensor to get measurement range ±1.0G, and measuring efficiency below 1% through the resolving power 0.001G.

  • Automation of calibration

  • Exclusive use of magnetic array, consist of 5 parts; Magnetic sensing part, power, PDA part, Gauge control part, GPS receiving part.

  • By making sounds and displayed location to detect buried magnetic makers with ease.

  • Displayed GIS digital map on the PDA screen made it possible to find underground facilities on site.

  • Connection with GPS function will show explorer on the map in real-time.

  • Accurately shows diameter, depth, and size of the underground facilities to acquire attribute date on-site.

  • Reinforcement & amplification function (ten times high-sensitive when it is on the high mode) will make detection much more accurate.

  • Application of Ergonomic design and color PDA and also drastically improved detection function.

  • The cutting-edge device of excellence function which is capable of detection regardless of the pipe material and also segregate general metal substance, manhole, and valve with the permanent market after the attaching permanent magnetic(Ferromagnetic body) to pipeline.

  • Consists of detection part, control part, power. The method of distinction between two sensors in detection part.

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