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GIS Underground Facility

Underground Facility (Underground Facility Management Program)
  • The management program of underground facilities which has not only the function of checking and analysing DB (Data Base), that stores information of magnetic markers attached to underground pipes and various facilities, but also checking, analysing and editing based on electronic map (GIS) provides users with a convenient underground facilities maintenance solution.

GIS Software Key Features
  • Equipped with check and analysis of various underground facilities by GIS DB which has magnetic markers’ location and pipelines’ property data

  • Optimum for underground facility management with magnetic marker/p>

  • Universally formatted statistics, collected by magnetic markers, applicable to all systems

  • Coordinated check and analysis of property(location, type, and depth) and spatial data

  • Total management of 8 major underground facilities

  • Interchangeable with all kinds of drawings (SHP, DWG)

EW-500S GIS S/W | GIS Software
  • EW-500S GIS S/W is the underground management program optimized for mobile terminal (Tablet) based on Android.

  • Bluetooth wireless link support between tablet and detection unit

  • Pipe photographing and memo writing function

  • Pipe and magnetic marker property information inquiry function

  • Pipe section shape display and adjacent pipe automatic alarm function

  • Built-in GPS or external DGPS selection and automatic selection reception function

  • Electronic compass-based navigation function

  • Voice guidance (TTS) function and multilingual function support

  • MAP data security (encryption algorithm) function)

EW-AGIS(VER1.0) S/W | GIS Software
  • Android-based GIS (Electronic Map) facility management program

  • Improvement of maintenance convenience by displaying facility information on lectronic map

  • Facility property information inquiry and editing function

  • Facilities photographing and memo writing function

  • Electronic compass-based navigation function

  • Built-in GPS or external DGPS selection and automatic selection reception function

  • Voice guidance (TTS) function and multilingual support function

  • MAP data security (encryption algorithm) function

EW-500 GIS S/W | GIS Software
  • Complemented functions as well as previous functions of EW200 GIS software program to optimize underground facility management system

  • Inquiry and analysis functions related to information on the spatial data industry and properties

  • Enhanced compatibility based on the introduction of ESRI ArcGIS with large Window XP UMPC display screen

  • Added Automatic Marker Searching, Coordinate transformation, navigation, and 3D analysis functions

  • Large application to any system by making feature data, established through magnetic marker system, into shape format

EW-200 GIS S/W | GIS Software
  • software displays GIS digital map on the PDA screen for efficient maintenance, facilities search & analyze

  • It is designed to edit and save of attribute(location, type, depth, etc) data of facilities and also linked with the spatial data for updates which is based on concept of GIS

  • The result of magnetic marker system will be made into a SHAPE format to be convertible easily for any kind of system

  • It is developed to be superlative program for underground facilities

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